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Meet Da Hood Pastor, Jeffery Jones.


Jeffery Jones, founder and CEO of For My People and Da Hood Pastor Media was raised in the African American Baptist tradition, from an early age by deeply religious parents.  This servant of God developed a love for Jesus while he was still young.  Attending weekly Church services from Sunday school to Baptist Training Union, weekly Bible study and prayer meetings along with Choir rehearsal appeared to prepare him for a life of ministry.

However, the flesh the world and the devil had way different plans. As many young people do Jeffery slowly turned away from his spiritual teachings and religious foundation. This broad path lead him into sexual immorality, heroin, cocaine and alcohol abuse.  Like the prodigal son who found himself at his lowest point in life, JD found himself in unfamiliar territory.  After crying out to God for deliverance, He answered in a usual set of circumstances.

After a night of getting very inebriated, God spoke to Him and ask the question from Isaiah 6:8 “Whom shall I send and? Whom will go for us?” And I said: “Here am I. Send me!”  Soon after that, his deliverance began.  He was arrested and charged with a serious crime that he maintains he did not commit.  However, God was with Jeffery. During his time of incarceration, God used him to witness to many men and lead them to Christ.  God also used hm to strengthen the faith of younger believers.

During his four- and one-half years of incarceration, Jeffery earned two associate degrees and a bachelor’s degree from Roosevelt University.  After his release in 1997 Jeffery went on to earn a Master of Science degree in Human Services Administration and began a non-profit organization in 2002 called For My People.  Jeffery has spent the last 20 years ministering to those who are hopeless, homeless, helpless, HIV positive, newly released returning citizens, substance abuser, single parents and many others that needed a helping hand.

He began referring to himself as Da Hood Pastor after a coworker spoke favorably about his pastoral concerned integrated with his street style conversation.  He began a social media page and utilized it for prayer and outreach. 

The COVID-19 pandemic provided many opportunities to minister to folks through the social networks as well as a simple phone call.  As the need became greater Jeffery heard the voice of God again ask, “Whom shall I send?” And “who will go for us?”  I am still willing, send me.  Utilizing social media, this online platforms and Jeffery is preparing to engage the culture with timely programing that will help answer many of the pressing issue of our times in a way that gives people hope during unstable times.  His content will provide a biblical worldview answer to questions of sin, immorality, injustice, poverty, racism, war, sexuality, religion and others.  In a world replete with relativism and an attitude that lives by the idea of individual truths.  Where everyone is doing what is right in their own eyes.


Through this medium I am inviting participants to Repent and change their minds on trending topics that are in direct conflict with the King and His Kingdom.  This is not a religious hour but rather an opportunity for believers and non believers to learn how to live their lives through the lenses of the bible. Join me as we address the issue that influence our cultures.

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